A UniiQe network of businesses that pool their resources to create and cross promote. In doing so, advertising becomes more cost and time efficient, increases growth, strengthens reputation and added value for all individuals and companies involved, with the added benefit of cross branding to each other's audience.


  • High Quality Ads
  • Exclusive Access
  • Increased Audiences
  • Exposure
  • Unlimited Growth
  • Valuable Outcome

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How we do it

As master administrator, we will provide a creative director and sourcing manager. Each participating individual or company will be appropriately paired in order to create a desirable outcome.


Hair stylist Beyond Fab Mo needs new photos. So does SWANKY Chic Hair, Jessica the model and her new modeling agency, also Fatimah the wardrobe stylist. Each individual -or- company would need to source each need on there own which would be extremely costly. 



If each company came together to do 1 Photo/ Video shoot, in which they’d all receive photos and or video, showcasing their products & brand, they each would pay a minimum for a shoot that would be costly as an individual, plus the added benefit of cross branding to each other’s audience.


“We love to work smart, create things and always aim to please every customer, even the hardest ones.”


We’ve Worked With

The Polygon theme employs the world’s best designer to elevate
your business website to the next level.The Polygon theme employs the world’s best designer to elevate
your business website to the next level.

I utilize just about all of UniiQe’ services. Truly efficient, effective and creative!

Very impressive and intentional video productions, UniiQe hits it out the park all the time. Thanks!

Extraordinary vision, great direction, great customer support and assistance. I highly recommend UniiQe.

Best Brand manager and media production ever. Fast customer support, took care of all my issues and always goes the extra mile for me. You get my five stars.

Outstanding media producers, dependable and reliable. Always deliver exactly what we wanted even throughout stringent situations. Our Affinity Team and Global Group can not thank you enough.

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