Producing a new sound & tomorrows leading Artists.

Music Production

At our music management group, we’re all about helping you create the sound of the future. Let us help you stand out from the crowd and make your mark in the music industry!

Artist Development

UIMG specializes in turning skill sets into sustainable businesses. Let us help you grow your talent and achieve your goals!

Brand Development

We aim to increase value and create distinctive marketing assets that matches your music and personality. We will help you create a brand that represents you and your music.

We are a music management group offering a range of services involved in the composition and release of original works.

This includes copyright registration, artist and brand development plus more.

While we may not be able to serve everyone, our keen attention to detail allows us to carefully groom our artists to reach their maximum potential.

Focus more on being creative


Discover new levels of your creativity, with UniiQe.

expand beyond the song

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What They Say

Esquire Recording Studio

UniiQe has the BiG sound you’re looking for, they’ve elevated our own artists to respectable levels.. 


Dan Millice Mastering

The final mix, it’s perfect, I wish everybody was this organized.


Fine Line Kreative

Our directors and producers are extremely satisfied with the quality sound production for all of our film projects.