Brand Identity E-commerce Package



Maximize your brand’s full potential with our comprehensive Brand Identity E-Commerce Package. Elevate your online presence with captivating product visuals, seamless website integration, and strategic SEO optimization. Our tailored solution ensures cohesive branding, engaging user experience, increased visibility, and boosts conversions. Get started today and stand out in the digital marketplace!


Our Brand Identity + E-Commerce Site package offers a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence with High-quality photography and an SEO-optimized Shopify e-commerce website to showcase your products. 

  •  Half-day photoshoot session (5 hours)
  •  Up to 7 different looks to capture a variety of styles and moods
  •  Delivery of 30+ high-resolution print-ready images for promotional materials
  •  Social media-ready image gallery for easy sharing and engagement
  •  Pre-production planning to ensure a smooth and successful photoshoot experience
  •  Comprehensive e-commerce development
  •  SEO-optimized Shopify e-commerce website design, tailored to maximize your online visibility and sales
  •  Creation of 3-5 pages on your e-commerce site, showcasing your products and brand story
  •  Custom graphic design elements to enhance your website’s visual appeal and brand