Professional Headshots & Video Portrait



Elevate your brand’s image and storytelling with our Headshots & Video Showcase. Book your session today to stand out in today’s competitive landscape by combining the power of striking visuals and engaging video content.


In today’s multimedia landscape, presenting your brand with both compelling visuals and video content is essential.


Our package provides:

  • Consultation: We offer pre-shoot consultations to help you prepare, select outfits, and discuss locations to align with your brand’s messaging.
  • Professional Headshots: A dedicated 2-hour session to capture the best angles and expressions that represent you authentically.
  •  Video Reel Production: Our team specializes in crafting a compelling video reel that breathes life into your brand, with options ranging from behind-the-scenes footage to a personalized talking-head bio, allowing your personality and expertise to shine.
  •  Final Images: Receive a carefully curated selection of final images, expertly edited to enhance your best features.
  • Commercial Use Rights: You’ll have the freedom to use these photos across all your online and offline marketing channels.


Additional Suggestions:

  • Extended Video Content: For a more extensive video portfolio, explore additional video content options to showcase different aspects of your brand.
  • Wardrobe Stylist: Collaborate with our professional stylist to curate outfits that align seamlessly with your brand’s message and ensure you’re dressed to impress in both your photos and video. A well-chosen wardrobe adds a layer of sophistication and authenticity to your visual brand.